With the rise of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band (DDBB) in the 1980's, the New Orleans marching band tradition was revitalized. No longer were brass bands only expected to play the same top 20 Dixieland tunes. Their repertoire was opened up to the influences of R&B, pop and modern jazz while still keeping the appealing parade rhythms in the forefront.

The Bayou Brass Band (a real crowd pleaser) follows in the eclectic tradition of the DDBB by playing everything from "Lil Liza Jane" to James Brown's "Make It Funky" and new originals. Under the direction of sousaphonist Jesus "Chuy" Martinez, its repertoire mixes together traditional New Orleans jazz with cajun-funk and R&B and is performed by the six-piece band with a great deal of enthusiasm and spirit. Over the past ten years, the high-energy group has worked regularly in a variety of settings, most notably at Disneyland's "New Orleans Square." The Bayou Brass Band's exciting music should be a revelation for listeners at any event.